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Hydroforce CX-15

Now in our showroom!

Effortless commercial carpet cleaning. High volume extraction has never been easier. Meet the all-new CX-15 from HydroForce. Click here for more info.


White Magic and Cleanco Truckmount Repair Department

Our modern truckmount repair service department features technicians that will diagnose your problem and suggest the best course of action for your truckmount unit.


Your work production and your wallet will always be kept in mind.


See our policies regarding our repair services.

Filter Bag for White Magic Truckmounts Free shipping on filter bags!


Stronger Filter Bags
Same Price: $40

FREE SHIPPING when you buy two or more bags.


Technical support for professional cleaning


Duk-Guard Adjustable Corner Guard

Introducing the Duk-Guard.
It's a corner guard on steroids! Both feet are adjustable so it conforms to stairs well. Make a tall corner guard out of it too!

Visit Duk-Guard


Cleaning chemical testing and free samples

White Magic Truckmount Filter Bags

Featuring Ultra Mesh - a new stronger material to meet your needs

and check out the new Stainless Steel Resin Bonded Mesh ones below!

New England Truckmount is the exclusive source of Ultra Mesh filter bags for your White Magic truckmount machine. These bags are stronger, stitched better with an industrial machine and thread, and hold up better than the originals.

White Magic Truckmount Filter Bags and Repair


Got a Pro1200-HV? Need the ultimate long-lasting bag?

The Brand New Stainless Mesh filter inserts are what you want!

Stainless steel mesh White Magic Filter Bags are available here



White Magic Filter Bag Frame


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