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Truckmount Injection Sprayer

Along with this high quality injection sprayer, we also carry the full line of Multi-Sprayer's Electric models.spacer

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White Magic and Cleanco Truckmount Repair Department

Our modern truckmount service shop can house two or more vehicles and is equipped to readily handle all of your truckmount and portable cleaning equipment repair needs.

White Magic Truckmount Repair and Filter BagsWe proudly support our White Magic customers and we have access to all available machine parts.

Truckmount Repair
Filter Bag for White Magic Truckmounts Free shipping on filter bags!


Stronger Filter Bags
Same Price: $40

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All of our customers are entitled to 100% professional support.


Duk-Guard Adjustable Corner Guard

Introducing the Duk-Guard.
It's a corner guard on steroids! Both feet are adjustable so it conforms to stairs well. Make a tall corner guard out of it too

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Cleaning chemical testing and free samples

For Sale: Used Professional Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Please call us if you are looking for used tools or cleaning equipment. We usually have too much to list here on a regular basis.


New England Truckmount has the following used cleaning tools, accessories, and cleaning equipment for sale. Looking for something special? We have a lot of unadvertised products here or channels to get them. Please contact us.


For used truckmounts, see this page.

Rotovac Power Wand


The Patented Rotovac Powerwand operates with one hand like an upright vacuum cleaner. There is never any need to bear down and scrub like a manual wand. The Rotovac has dual high torque motors to supply all the cleaning muscle for you. The rotary vacuum heads thoroughly clean the carpet from all directions with hundreds of cleaning passes rather than just back and forth a few times like a manual wand.





White Magic Electric Reel


HOSS sold