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Hydroforce CX-15

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White Magic and Cleanco Truckmount Repair Department

Our modern truckmount repair service department features technicians that will diagnose your problem and suggest the best course of action for your truckmount unit.


Your work production and your wallet will always be kept in mind.


See our policies regarding our truck mount repair services.


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Duk-Guard Adjustable Corner Guard

Introducing the Duk-Guard.
It's a corner guard on steroids! Both feet are adjustable so it conforms to stairs well. Make a tall corner guard out of it too!

More details on the Duk-Guard


Technical support for professional cleaning


Did you Know?

You can have your vehicle's oil changed while it's in here for truckmount repair.


Cleaning chemical testing and free samples


Truckmount Injection Sprayer

How can you make a good thing better? This essential injection sprayer just got a big facelift. Check out the new designs at Hydroforce.

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Truckmount Installation, Changeovers, and Refurbishing

Why hire us to relocate your truck mount?

Truckmount repairs and installation done right!Because we will make it look and run like new!

Cargo vans, cutaways, Isuzu diesels: no problem!

Check out our truck mount install photos! Check out our photo galleries below!


Why do professionals call us for the job?

Very simple: it gets done right the first time and on time.

     New England Truckmount specializes in all types of vehicle truckmount changeovers, whether you have a standard cargo van or a supersized Isuzu diesel box truck or cutaway style box truck. Is your truck mount equipment running okay but the vehicle is really old and tired? No problem.

     Along with manufacturing new required parts for the move, we can completely replace or repair all electronic components, furnish you with a new drive shaft, clutch, and electronic throttle system. We will restore your valuable truck mount equipment back to absolute top condition.

     Add on our expertise with reconditioning your truckmount machine, and everything will be whistle clean with new filters, fittings, gaskets, fluids, and checked overall with a fine tooth comb to assure a thoroughly satisfying job from start to finish in record time.


Photo Gallery #1: Standard Cargo Van Truckmount

Check out our photos here of a job we did moving a White Magic direct drive truckmount from a cargo van that got into a major front end accident. The van was totaled and the assignment was to move it all into a brand new vehicle with a new drive shaft, clutch, mounting hardware, pulleys, throttle control. We also reconditioned the equipment, which gave the whole truckmount unit a new lease on life.

  • Our task was to move a White Magic direct drive TM from this van into a new one.
  • The machine was in rough shape and needed to be reconditioned.
  • The blower and pulleys needed to be resurfaced and painted.
  • The hose reels and shaft mount were old and rusty.
  • Another shot of the general condition of the equipment.
  • Here we are beginning to resurface the primary heat exchanger.
  • And here is the post heater awaiting paint.
  • The White Magic filter box frame was damaged and needed replacement.
  • Here is what it looked like before we replaced it.
  • We installed a new frame and one of our Ultra Mesh Filter bags.
  • Muffler and post heater are now reassembled and painted.
  • Recovery tank filter housing and muffler await reinstallation.
  • Here it is installed and reconditioned with a new drive shaft and front end.
  • New wiring and throttle control installed and all checked out.
  • Machine got a ew wiring harness and all gauges were brought up to spec.
  • We installed a new tank drain here with custom poly mounts and a new ball valve.
  • The electric hose reel was repaired and reinstalled.
  • Here is the detail of the machine components all refurbished.
  • The face plate was thoroughly cleaned and chemical system completely redone.
  • Here is the primary heat exchanger reconditioned with polished fittings.
  • We custom manufactured an aluminum sleeve to accommodate the depth of the step.
  • And then added a custom security port for the customer.




Photo Gallery #2: Truckmount in Isuzu Diesel Tilt-Cab

Look at our photos below of a large job we did moving a White Magic direct drive truckmount from a cargo van into an Isuzu Diesel box truck. We installed a completely new drive shaft and front end hardware, custom weather guards for the pulleys, all new electronics and throttle control, and new mounts for everything. We also totally reconditioned the equipment, and the final result was a fantastic powerful truckmount machine.

  • Our project was to move this old cargo van direct drive into an Isuzu diesel tilt cab.
  • The machine was in bad condition overall and needed to be reconditioned.
  • Here is the destination... a fine choice.
  • The blower was old and rusty and tightened up.
  • Another shot of the general condition of the equipment.
  • The hose reel was not working and was old and worn out.
  • New chain installed, new wiring, new resurfacing... nice!
  • Machine was totally cleaned up, refurbished, polished, checked all over.
  • Another view of how it came out after all the work.
  • Beginning the tank restoration work.
  • New coating, new gaskets, new tubing... new life.
  • All stainless steel shelving was also reconditioned and polished.
  • Here is how it looked when we completed it.
  • Custom mounts and reconfiguring the throttle control.
  • Here you can see the new thermal sensor, drive shaft, clutch, pulley, and mounts.
  • Initial layout and installation of the newly reconditioned unit.
  • Final adjustments and testing to assure throttle and RPM's run perfect.
  • Another view of the side door layout.
  • The face plate was thoroughly cleaned and chemical system refurbished.
  • Notice all components polished with new lines, fittings, and tubing.
  • Here is the fresh water tank, complete with new floats, anode, hoses, and fittings.



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