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Tech college grad Stephen Daniel joins New England Truckmount and brings a wealth of talent and equipment to upgrade our shop services.




Initial Design Work

Initial design and modification work on the hardware




Further custom alterations

Further custom alterations are done on the alternator bracket




Testing spacing and drive shaft alignment

Testing initial fit with new alternator and drive shaft




Checking belt and installation alignment

Checking pulleys, belts, and installation alignment




Machine alignment is perfect

Machine pulley alignment is absolutely perfect

Truckmount Installs

& Upgrades Done Right!




Optimizing the White Magic Direct Drive

This custom install was completed by our new shop talent. We moved a White Magic direct drive from an extended van down to a standard-length one.



Welding the bracket frame

We alter angles and design of our bracket for testing




Tack welding a custom alternator bracket

Initial design is fitted and tack welded prior to completion




The completed custom White Magic Pro-1200 bracket

The completed custom bracket




Signed by the creator

I insisted not only on the bright color, but that he engrave his name on it



Can't be done? We can!

Cannot be done?

New England Truckmount Makes PTO Installation History


They all told us: "It cannot be done" We Simply Refused.


In early May of 2014, New England Truckmount made PTO installation history. In the winter of 2013, we were given the task of installing a White Magic Pro-1200 direct drive unit into a 2010 GMC Savana 1500 cargo van with a 5.3 litre engine. It was a custom install, moving the equipment from an extended 2500 into the standard-length 1500. Ordinarily, PTO's are simply not installed into 1500's, but since the customer was not a carpet cleaner per se, he insisted and wanted it done with vehicle suspension upgrades.


About Alternators and PTO Bracketry

All later-model White Magic direct drive units (and some others) require that a distinctly-sized bracket be installed directly over the vehicle's alternator to properly align and mount the equipment's drive shaft. This is absolutely critical to assure the drive shaft is in the correct position and maintains the proper pitch to run the machine. Only the smallest 105amp alternator (or a small remanufactured 150amp) could be used. When the destination vehicle was supplied with a larger alternator, the smaller was chosen without any problem whatsoever. Why? Both had their own independent voltage regulator and the smaller one always sufficed for any GM. Larger ones simply get in the way of the required bracket and it could not ever be done.


Well, that was the way it has always been.. until now.


Initial Problems

The first part of any PTO installation is the front end work: crank shaft changes, belt tensioner, idler pulleys, and the alternator bracket. Right off the bat, it was reported that the vehicle had electrical issues and that the battery could not charge properly. Although this was in fact after the replacement alternator was installed, the essential problem was unknown with current testing equipment and staff. Long story short, the vehicle would not charge properly below 1,000 RPM's. This was a huge problem. After much time and expense, we learned that this particular vehicle had an ECU-controlled alternator and simply was looking for the one it came with: the large one that could not be used for the install.


Possible Solution: Create a New Pulley

Working closely with an automotive electrical expert, a possible solution was to manufacture a custom alternator pulley for the intended smaller alternator. The design was to create a one-third smaller one to spin the alternator faster, thus generating more power to the battery at RPM's less than 1,000. After a week or two, we were told by our machine shop rep that it could not be done. The angles and size of the pulley overall could not be made. They couldn't do it.


Could Not Be Made? Uh-uh.

Alternator PulleyHere is the pulley we had made for us by a new vendor. It was perfectly machined, and fit the alternator like a glove. Unfortunately it did not solve the electrical issues. The ECU of the vehicle would not compensate and was still looking for the larger stock alternator to send the signal. Although the theory was correct, the application did not work because of the way the vehicle's computer insisted. In the end, we gained great experience, a valuable new vendor, and nothing short of a very handsome paperweight.


New England Truckmount Gets an Upgrade

Stephen DanielIn the winter, we hired a new shop technician, Steve. A technical college graduate, Steve brought with him a huge array of professional tools, excellent domestic and foreign automotive experience, and welding and fabrication abilities. He was extensively trained by industry experts on all facets of the company's shop operations and has exceeded expectations in no time at all. With his help and high expertise, we gathered what was needed to deal with this problem. In addition to Steve's professional scan tools and research, we had other professionals come in to reprogram the ECU and assess the situation. This vehicle was very adamant though... it was totally unwilling. It still wanted that large stock alternator. Repeatedly we were told that it could not be done. I refused; he also refused. We worked together as a power team.


"Just because something has never been done before

does not mean that it cannot be done."


Problem Corrected

Through his research and abilities, Steve and I worked together for a solution. We found an ECU-controlled alternator smaller than the stock one, but was too big for the bracket and the drive shaft. Steve said right from the beginning that the bracketry would have to be made custom, and that's exactly what we chose to do. The whole project was engineered so well, that the drive shaft was exactly where it needed to be. Absolutely no new belts were required and everything was installed in perfect alignment, exceeding factory specs. Final customizations were done, and the machine received a well-deserved fresh pump and blower oil change prior to testing.


End Result: A Very Happy Customer!

The vehicle was delivered to the customer the next day. It could not be done without our new shop tech and our unwavering commitment to our customers. Many thanks to Steve for this. He received a handsome bonus from the customer and the company alike.





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