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Hydroforce CX-15

Now in our showroom!

Effortless commercial carpet cleaning. High volume extraction has never been easier. Meet the all-new CX-15 from HydroForce. Click here for more info.


White Magic and Cleanco Truckmount Repair Department

Our modern truckmount service shop can house two or more vehicles and is equipped to readily handle all of your truckmount and portable cleaning equipment repair needs.

White Magic Truckmount Repair and Filter BagsWe proudly support our White Magic customers and we have access to all available machine parts.

Truckmount Repair

What's in it for Me?

Being a regular tester has benefits that nobody else has, like better promos on select items. Contact Us if you would like to know more information.


Technical support for professional cleaning


Professional product testing means that you use your skills to do real field tests.

We send you the item and the test standard.

You give us your professional opinion and help us determine usability and specs.

You then have the option of having your results published on our testing page.


Duk-Guard Adjustable Corner Guard

Introducing the Duk-Guard.
It's a corner guard on steroids! Both feet are adjustable so it conforms to stairs well. Make a tall corner guard out of it too!

More details on this truckmount accessory

Become a Professional Cleaning Product Tester

A chance for you to help us help you and other professionals too!

New England Truckmount has a cleaning product testing program, whereby you have the opportunity to provide your unbiased professional critique of select professional cleaning products (see below). This gives us valuable information with our technical support and product selection, but also gives you some benefits as well. Each product will have only a limited amount of testers before the offer expires and another is available.


Please note that these samples are free but UPS shipping is not. We can add them to any order at no cost, or you may elect to have it shipped or pick the samples up here.


Professional Cleaning Product Testing Program

• Am I eligible?

If you are a conscientious professional with reasonable experience who can control product use, mixing, and application, you are invited to test these at no cost to you (shipping not included).


• What do I have to do?

Out of the currently available products slated for testing, you can choose what you want to sample and test for us based on products you already use. You may choose more than one product to test, so long as you can test them within the time period. You will have some basic instructions on how we would like you to test them, and will be allotted 14 days for your response.


• How do I let you know?

You will fill out a short E-mail questionnaire about the product within two weeks after the test and send it to us. You agree to test it as a professional, and we will appreciate your honesty and candor in your responses.


• So, what's in it for me?

If you take the time to provide the professional testing for us, you will receive a special coupon to spend here that nobody else will.


Products Now Available for Professional Testing

After reviewing the professional cleaning products available below, fill out the short form on the last tab, and we will e-mail you or call you to get shipping and other info, and send you the instructions. Also, check out this helpful document by Bridgepoint's chemist, Tom Forsythe.


  • Product 1
  • Product 2
  • Product 3
  • Product 4
  • Product 5
  • Become a Tester
Flex Powder with Citrus Solv by Bridgepoint

FLEX POWDER with Citrus-Solv

Heavy Duty Prespray by Bridgepoint

A concentrated high alkaline, Citrus Solv enhanced prespray for carpets needing restorative cleaning. Starts to work on contact and dissolves grease and oils in minutes. It is the ideal choice for any nasty commercial cleaning. Uses the cleaning strength of Citrus Solv and leaves the fresh natural orange scent behind. Less foamy than typical high pH presprays. Can also be used as a superior booster to to any prespray you are already using. RTU pH is 12.5-13.

TEST OFFER: Sample size is 6 ounces.

More Info
MSDS   Spec Sheet

Hydrocide Xtreme by Bridgepoint

The Final Solution Deodorizer by Bridgepoint

If you have bad odor to contend with, Hydrocide Xtreme will make you a true hero in just minutes. Very dilutable and highly effective, this product is ideal for direct-contact correction for pet urine, vomit, skunk, and any other malodor. Apply directly to the source before cleaning and you will be shocked at how well it works.

TEST OFFER: Sample size is 4 ounces.

More Info
MSDS   Spec Sheet   Product Label

Last Step Textile Rinse by Pro's Choice

by Pro's Choice

Last Step is a very effective multifunction acid-side rinsing and conditioning agent for all types of fibers out there. Use Last Step when you want a soft, lustrous, pH-balanced finish. Unique drying agents reduce drying time, and it has a great scent your customers will love. Effective anti resoiling agents will reduce or eliminate wicking. Built in anti-foam agents will keep your hose and recovery system functioning at peak efficiency.

TEST OFFER: Sample size is 16 ounces.

More Info
MSDS   Product Label   Visit Pro's Choice

Pro's Choice Pro-Max

by Pro's Choice

A perfect complement to any high power prespray like Pro's Choice EXTREME CLEAN, Pro-Max is a superior truckmount detergent that will rinse out the nastiest of soils from any residential or commercial cleaning job. With a slightly higher pH of 10.5, Pro-Max is designed to make your rinsing work quick and painless, especially on greasy soiling.

TEST OFFER: 12 ounces.

More Info
MSDS    Visit Pro's Choice   Product Label

Odor Bane Deodorizer by Certified

by Certified

Odor Bane is a pretty nifty product to have around because it is so dilutable and so versatile. It's our best-selling all purpose deodorizer. Odor Bane is a strong water-soluble deodorant that has a very unique pleasant fresh scent. It's the perfect add-in to a prespray or rinse, as well as a corrective deodorant for all sorts of applications: fire, pet urine, mold remediation, and more. Just one little ounce of this product into a gallon of water makes a pleasant scent your customers will appreciate.

TEST OFFER: Sample size is 4 ounces.

More Info
MSDS   Product Flyer

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